Everything You Need To Know About Skip Permits From Your Local Council

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If you plan on hiring a skip, either for domestic or commercial reasons, you may be required to purchase a permit. This will depend on your reasons for hiring the skip and where you would like to place it in relation to your property.

What are Skip Permits?

Also known as Skip Licenses, a Skip Permit is required by law if you plan on putting your skip on a public road, pavement or footpath. Failure to obtain a Skip Permit could mean a fine or early removal.

Do I need a Skip Permit?

You will need a Skip Permit if you plan on placing your skip anywhere but your private property. If you are placing your skip in a driveway or private garden, then you will not need a Permit for your Skip.

Who Issues a Skip Permit?

Skip Permits are only issued by local councils. However, the majority of councils in the UK allow Skip Hire companies to apply for a Skip Permit on your behalf. You can find out if your local skip allows this by checking on their website or calling them directly.

It can take around 3 or 4 days to apply for a Skip Permit, so if you plan on placing the skip on public land, you should allow some extra time in order to purchase your Skip Permit.

How Much do Skip Permits Cost?

The cost for a Skip Permit varies from council to council in the UK, along with the time it takes to receive your Permit. The average cost for a Permit will set you back around £30. However, if your Skip Hire Company has agreed to arrange the permit for you, they may add on admin fees along with VAT.

Guide Prices for Skip Permits in the UK

The amounts below are a rough estimate of how much you will pay depending on your location:





























How long do Skip Permits last for?

Usually, Skip Permits are issued for one or two weeks, however, this can be extended. If you require a Skip for longer than two weeks, you may be charged to extend the hire time. This charge will differ from council to council.

Where can I place my Skip?

If you’re placing your skip on private land, then you will not need to worry about placement. However, if you place the skip on public land, then you may need to ensure it’s in a visible space where road users can see it clearly. If the skip is placed on the road, then you may need to place traffic cones to warn oncoming traffic about the obstacle. In some areas, you may also need to use lights during the evening to highlight the Skip in a public space. It is also illegal to block driveways and any entrances to private or public spaces. As a rule, you also cannot place a Skip within 15 metres of a junction.

If you’re unsure if you should do this, talk to your skip company or local council. If you do properly highlight your skip then you could risk being fined up to £1000.