How to Pick The Right Size Skip

A guide to picking the right size skip.jpg

When thinking about hiring a skip for the first time, you may find it a little difficult to know what size skip you should hire for the job.  With a lot to take into consideration, picking a skip size may not be as easy as it seems, below you can find some tips on how you can pick the right size skip.

Know what you need it for

This may seem like an obvious tip but make sure you know why you’re hiring the skip, if you’re using it for home renovation waste disposal, green waste disposal or clearing out the office, each of these jobs can require different skips. Most skip hire companies will describe how many black bin bags you can fit into their smaller skips, this is a great way of judging how big of a skip you will need. Try to work out how many black bags you would need to bag up all of your waste and then compare it to the amount that your skip supplier says would fit into their skips. For most small domestic jobs mini and midi sized skips (2 to 5 yards) would be large enough to fit in all the waste. Whereas if you’re doing a larger job with heavier waste a ‘builder’ skip or a maxi skip would most likely be best to fit all your waste.

Hire bigger to avoid overfilling

If you’re unsure whether to get a smaller skip to save money, you’re best hiring the bigger skip to make sure all of your waste can fit inside of it. If you buy a smaller skip to save money and your waste does not completely fit into it causing you to overfill the skip, when the skip hire company arrives to pick the skip up they will refuse pickup and force you to pay for another small skip to fit the excess waste into, costing you more than if you would have just hired the larger skip first.

Pick the right type of skip

There are many different types of skips from normal mini skips to roll on, roll off skips to enclosed skips. All skips have different purposes and some are better than others for holding specific types of waste. For example, the roll on, roll off skips are much better for commercial or industrial waste as they can hold a much larger volume of waste including building materials and other commercial type waste, making them ideal demolition and building projects. Whereas smaller mini or midi skips are more ideal smaller domestic jobs such as kitchen renovations or garden clean outs. Picking a skip that works best for what you need it for means you will not waste time or money on skips that will not give you the most out of your skip hire.